The USPS is constantly making changes to their procedures to make mailing more efficient for themselves and their business customers, but who ends up doing the "bulk" of the work; and who ends up saving more? Learn how to streamline your mailings, maximize your savings, and give the USPS a run for their money!
While the USPS works to improve efficiency, we as mailers struggle to keep up with their ever-changing requirements. Who has time to learn about all of those new requirements? And how are we supposed to know how those new requirements will affect our bottom line?
Let your software do the work for you. If you're not using a postal presort and/or address correction software program, you are missing out on major postal savings. Anyone with a bulk mail permit can qualify for postal savings, but not everyone takes advantage of those savings. Take advantage of your postal presort software program by running various sorts to see which option saves you the most money.
If you're checking zip codes manually, you may be saving money by qualifying for presorted rates, but how much are you spending in time? And how much more could you be saving if you were getting automation rates instead of presorted rates?
Automation is the key to postal savings in more ways than one. In using a CASS certified software program to validate your zip codes and print your barcodes, you qualify for automation rates; and bump your savings to over 50% compared to the average mailer.
Want to increase those savings further? Consider processing your data with NCOAlink certified software. Think about it. How much do you pay to get your mail pieces sent back to you after each mailing? Pay a small amount upfront and ensure your pieces get to your targeted audience. NCOA processing will reduce the ancillary endorsement fees the USPS charges for things like Return Service Requested, Address Service Requested, Temp Service Requested and Change Service Requested by providing the new address information before the mail piece is sent out.
If you're mailing time-sensitive material, use NCOAlink to get your pieces there sooner than relying on ancillary endorsements by the USPS. Take your mailing back into your own hands. NCOA processing provides the difference between getting your time-sensitive mail delivered on time, and getting it delivered too late using an ancillary service endorsement. There is much involved with direct mailing, but with the right tools, the savings will prove to be well worth the effort.
With all of time you save with your direct mail software, it may be difficult to determine who saves more, but when your savings are boosting your bottom line, does it really matter? For more information about an economical software program that will save you money upfront and long term, visit  or call 1-888-402-9042. Industry leader for over 10 years! Mention this article and try MyPostageRateSaver for FREE! TEST TEST