Most USPS Promotions and Incentives programs require mailings to be submitted electronically to the PostalOne! system. Do you know what specific data needs to be in the Mail.dat files to claim these incentives? Do you know how to troubleshoot issues when submitting these files to PostalOne!?

Promotion and Incentive Eligibility
The first thing that Mail Owners and Mail Service Providers (MSPs) need to do is become familiar with the eligibility and enrollment requirements for the various promotions and incentive programs. The requirements are different for each program, so it is important to access the requirements guide for each individual program. These may be found at:

Eligibility may be dependent on the class of mail, processing category, Full-Service participation, postage payment method, previous mail volumes and many other variables. The content of the mailpieces themselves is also often a factor.

Registration and Enrollment
All of these promotions and incentive programs require registration or enrollment with the USPS. You can view the requirements guide at In some cases, both the Mail Owner AND the Mail Service Provider need to register. For this purpose, there is an expanded enrollment guide for Mail Owners which can be found at:

Registration and enrollment for each incentive program must be done within a date range that is established for each program. The process may require identification of the mail owner Customer Registration Identification Number (CRID), Mailer Identification Number (MID), permit, mail volume, or other pertinent information. Again, mailers should consult the individual program guides for complete details.

Populating the Mail.dat files
Mailers need to insure that the Mail.dat files for mailings participating in these programs are generated using the applicable classes of mail and processing categories, and also meet any additional requirements such as automation, presort, or Full-Service participation.

A critical element that must be correctly populated in the Mail.dat file is the Component Characteristic Record (CCR) file. This file must be included in the Mail.dat file set and be populated with the correct incentive/promotion code. If there are multiple mailpiece components in the file, all applicable components must be properly identified with the incentive/promotion code.
The "By/For" information must also be correctly populated in the Mail.dat file. Most promotions and incentive programs require that the Mail Owner and the Mail Preparer be identified with the CRIDs provided during the registration/enrollment process, as well as the correct permit information.

Another critical data component is the postage statement mailing date because only mailings submitted during the period the promotion or incentive is offered are eligible for the discounts or rebates.
Submitting files to PostalOne!
Unfortunately, most of the promotion and incentive discounts are not visible in mailing jobs on the PostalOne! dashboard until after the postage statements are finalized by the USPS. Likewise, these discounts are also not visible in the Test Environment for Mailers (TEM) portion of PostalOne!

This major drawback can make it extremely difficult for mailers to know if they have submitted their eDoc correctly until it is too late. If you submit files that you feel were populated correctly and the mailing meets all the eligibility requirements, the mail owner and mail service provider enrollment/registrations have been completed, but the discounts are NOT given on the finalized postage statements, you will need to submit a ticket to the PostalOne! help desk.

Make sure you include the Mail.dat file that was submitted to PostalOne! and a screen shot of the PostalOne! postage statement. Be advised, once statements have been finalized on PostalOne!, only PostalOne! can reverse these statements, so if it is determined that you can make Mail.dat file corrections and resubmit the mailing job, PostalOne! will need to reverse the incorrect statements first.

My advice: Keep track of your Mailer Scorecard
Though the Mailer Scorecard may not seem relevant to USPS Promotions and Incentives, the fact is participation in some USPS programs is dependent on having satisfactory scores. For example if you want to participate in the MailAnywhere program, you had better have good "by/for" scores. Since Full-Service is now a requirement for many USPS Incentives and Promotions, it would be no surprise if the USPS started limiting participation based on having satisfactory scores. The Scorecard provides a complete summary of performance for Full-Service Electronic, eInduction, Seamless Acceptance, Mail Anywhere and SingleSource ACS. You can easily view the metrics in numbers and percentages on a dashboard by logging in through the USPS Business Customer Gateway: Once logged in, select Mailing Reports and then Mailer Scorecard.

Read more about Mailer Score card by visiting:

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