It's no secret managing costs is more important than ever. And, being able to reach prospects and retain customers is just as important. Periodic cleaning of your mailing list is a simple and effective way to help do just that. The Endicia XML Address Validation tool, featuring fast and easy integration, allows businesses to clean up mailing lists from any platform, service or website in real time.

Endicia XML Address Validation, a developer tool, is commonly used in customer service environments, direct customer Web interfaces, and batch database cleansing. The speed of the process allows your application to identify and resolve possible addressing errors while in direct contact with your customers. It uses standard XML language and is easily integrated from nearly all software development environments, without the need for a local DVD database subscription to be installed and maintained.

How does it work? Endicia's servers compare your address database to the U.S. Postal Service address database and obtains the compete eleven digit ZIP code assigned to each address. The process for determining the eleven digit ZIP code, also known as Delivery Point Validation, confirms the actual building exists and is considered a deliverable address. This gives you the opportunity to repair or identify invalid addresses before sending out your mailings, reducing the number of undeliverable mail pieces and saving you money. It also standardizes Postal Service abbreviations, such as Street to St, to give your mailings a consistent and professional appearance.

The Endicia XML Address Validation tool is not just for mailers. It's great for shippers, too. In addition to validating the address, the process indicates whether the address is business, residential or rural, helping you determine the best shipping carrier for each package. Since many carriers impose surcharges for residential and rural delivery, knowing ahead of time when addresses fall into those categories can save significant carrier costs.

Getting started with Endicia XML Address Validation is simple and fast. Your developers use the Endicia technical guide to integrate the tool with your software environment, no client application required. You'll receive an account number and password to authenticate your address validation request. You can then send address requests to Endicia's servers in either single or batch mode. After processing your database, you're mailing list will be cleaned up and ready to go!

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