Understanding what's going on and who's doing what when it comes to proposing changes to postal law to address the challenges being faced by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) today can be a formidable challenge. To understand, it's best to view the subject in as systematic a manner as possible.

The challenge facing the Postal Service is a simple one to understand. It's costs are much greater than its revenues, and the size of its human and physical infrastructures (which are at the base of its costs) are much larger than can be justified by an realistic estimate of future mail volumes and workload demands. The Postal Service knows this. Mailers know this. Postal labor knows this. About the only people who appear to be a bit in the dark are the people who are proposing the many changes to the nation's postal laws.

USPS introduces its own plan for solvency

To help facilities everyone's understanding, the Postmaster General has emphasize that the Postal Service needs to reduce its costs by over $22 billion by 2016 to prevent the USPS from facing fiscal collapse. The Postmaster General and his management team have identified three main areas of savings to remain self sustaining. Table 1 shows these areas and the amount of savings the USPS projects by 2016.
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