Ah, the joys of running a mailing operation. Don't get me wrong, I know it's a very necessary component of almost any business, but man, sometimes it seems like it's impossible to get everything down pat. Just when you think you've gotten your job description mastered, they go ahead and change it on you, or some new rule or regulation is implemented that completely changes how you do things. But never fear--that's why this issue is devoted to keeping your mailing operation running smoothly. And whether you're new to the mailing business or you've been around since stamps were still 27 cents (or longer, but let's be honest, that's about as far back as I remember), we're positive you'll find something helpful within these pages.

The feature story on page 16 is a great place to start. Adam Lewenberg details all the ins and outs that go into selecting a mailing system, and the questions that you should ask yourself before making such an investment. We don't need to tell you that every mailing operation has different needs, and these questions are a great place to start so that you can be sure any purchase you make satisfies your operation's needs, and not the guys' next door.

And speaking of things running smoothly, another great resource to use is our new weekly feature , Tuesday's Tip. Every Tuesday, we send out a brief but insightful tip from an industry expert, so you can be sure to stay on top of things in the weeks between our print issues arriving in your mailbox. Remember, mail is still relevant, but it's not the only way we communicate anymore--join us in our multi-channel communication strategy and see just how well physical mail and digital communications can work together! All you need to do is go to www.MailingSystemsTechnology.com and sign up for our newsletter, and the tips will come your way.

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