PostalOne! CI 1174359 is resolved and the PostalOne! and eVS applications have returned to normal operating conditions and are fully functional. We are currently processing through eDoc files that are still in the queue since the period of degraded operations began.eDoc submitters should begin submitting their electronic mailing information immediately and acceptance units will begin processing mailings and initiating the reconciliation process described in the PostalOne! Contingency plan. Due to the large volume of file submissions to PostalOne!, mailers and acceptance units may still experience a delay in jobs appearing on the PostalOne! dashboard. If this occurs, we will continue to accept the mailings under the PostalOne! and eInduction contingency plan as described below, for the next 48 hours. eVS reconciliation extracts will be delayed in generation and supplied to customers later this week via PTR due to an eVS database issue. Mailings will continue to be accepted under the PostalOne! Contingency Plan posted on RIBBS at eInduction mailers should follow the eInduction contingency plan.