October 26, 2016 (Arlington, Va.) – PostalVision 2020 today announced two key upcoming events in early 2017 that will again bring together key industry stakeholders to continue our ongoing dialogue to explore the needs of Americans in a future postal system to support the growth of business and ecommerce.

“Delivery by Design” will be a one-day event held on January 23, 2017, at George Mason University’s Founders Hall, in Arlington, VA. It will focus on looking at today’s rapidly changing mail/parcel delivery environment and the growing challenges from projected ecommerce growth. Participants will help us explore the existing delivery landscape, trends for tomorrow, and the challenges facing users, service providers and other stakeholders to keep up with this explosive growth. This event will support parallel efforts by the U.S. Government Accounting Office (GAO) in its Congressionally-requested study of the USPS monopoly.

“This Delivery by Design ‘excursion’ marks our first foray into exploring some key strategic issues identified in prior PostalVision events,” said John Callan, managing director of Ursa Major Associates and co-founder of the PostalVision 2020 initiative. “For 6 years we have held annual conferences in the Washington, DC, area that are comprehensive and content-rich, and our attendees have asked for greater opportunity to engage in more in-depth dialogue and analysis of specific issues. In 2016, we explored the rising ‘B2Me’ power of consumers all along the supply chain and identified perhaps the greatest growing concern as the final point of delivery when consumers actually get their ‘hands on’ their goods. Now, Delivery by Design will go beyond the ‘last mile’ to the ‘last inch’ to discover optimal solutions for the final ‘hand-off.’ By examining new and re-invented mail and parcel delivery methods and models, including the USPS mailbox monopoly itself, we aim to help re-design the future of parcel logistics.”

More information and registration details can be found on our web site at http://www.postalvision2020.com/delivery-by-design/

PostalVision 2020/7.0, our annual event for 2017, will be held March 21-22, 2017 (with evening VIP reception March 20, 2017), at The Ritz Carlton Pentagon City (just outside Washington DC). Our theme for the event, is “Business NOT as Usual,” which sums up the changes we are seeing in our global postal/delivery/logistics ecosystem. Our annual event again will feature a fast-paced agenda to engage stakeholders, global posts, entrepreneurs, visionaries, regulators, and other members of our diverse and expanding postal/delivery ecosystem. More information and registration details can be found on our web site at http://www.postalvision2020.com/2017-annual-event/.

“PostalVision 2020 is excited to again be bringing together a tremendous collection of visionaries, experts, thought-leaders, practitioners, regulators, innovators and inventors for a rich and stimulating conversation about new business models and significant changes occurring in our global mail and parcel supply chain at our seventh annual event,” said John Callan, managing director of Ursa Major Associates and lead conference organizer. “The 2017 conference will focus on an exciting array of new and changing business models cropping up today and being considered for the future as ecommerce is projected to reach record-levels in the U.S. and beyond in the coming years.”

More details on both our upcoming events, including notable speaker announcements, will be coming soon! Not only will the events feature participation by U.S. Postal Service senior executives, it also will include high-ranking representatives from other posts. Stay tuned for more…

About PostalVision 2020

PostalVision 2020 is the creation of Ursa Major Associates, LLC , a leading strategy consultancy, providing thought leadership and strategic business development services to the global postal-parcel-logistics industry. Since 2001, the firm has served leading private sector corporations and entrepreneurial start-ups as well as public institutions engaged at all levels of service along the postal and parcel delivery value chain. Ursa Major Associates, LLC is headquartered in Essex, CT. For more information visit http://www.postalvision2020.com.