Firstlogic DQ Workflow for U.S. & International delivers an innovative, graphical workflow solution developed for Marketers, Mailers and Printers.

Duluth, GA — November 01, 2016 — Firstlogic Solutions® announces their newest solution, Firstlogic DQ Workflow™ for both U.S. and International data processing. Firstlogic DQ Workflow expands the power of the Firstlogic® Data Quality (DQ) platform to deliver precision, performance and productivity. This easy to use workflow system uses a drag & drop” user interface to build custom workflows utilizing standard functions to expedite processing for U.S. and International marketing and mailing. By simplifying and automating repeatable processes, customers are able to increase quality and productivity while reducing operational time and costs.

This new Firstlogic DQ Workflow solution offers a hybrid” approach that uses both “on-premise” workflow software and “in-cloud” processing services. Companies use the on-premise workflow software to build efficient workflows that integrate into their business processes. These workflows can invoke both on-premise processing and/or in-cloud services for USPS® CASS™, NCOALink® and DSF2® address cleansing and PAVE® Gold mail presorting and tracking. The international address cleansing service includes support for over 220 countries. Using the Firstlogic DQ Workflow tool, companies can easily develop and deploy custom workflows in a matter of hours.

“We’re excited to be expanding the deployment options for our world-class Firstlogic ACE®, DataRight IQ® and Match/Consolidate® products within our newest Workflow application. Our customers benefit from combining the Precision of ACE and its multi-threaded high Performance processing power with the unprecedented Productivity of workflow software revolutionizing the way customers process their data.” said Ken Kucera, Managing Principal at Firstlogic Solutions. “Customers are able to build simple workflows one time, then reuse those workflows for both U.S. and international address data ,” says Kucera.

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About Firstlogic® Data Quality (DQ) platform:

This proprietary platform includes DataRight IQ®, Match/Consolidate®, Presort IQ™ and ACE® which is powered by the SAP CASS™ and NCOALink® certified engines. Firstlogic DQ customers use ACE for address cleansing and geocoding, DataRight IQ for data cleansing and standardization, Match/Consolidate for deduplication and householding and Presort IQ for mail presorting and tracking. The Firstlogic DQ applications are built from the proven SAP Postalsoft platform based on 30-years of world-class development.

About Firstlogic Solutions:

Firstlogic Solutions is the leading SAP Gold Partner specializing in the SAP Data Services (DS) and Firstlogic Data Quality (DQ) software and services solutions. Our company delivers expert address and data quality solutions including data profiling and monitoring, address cleansing and geocoding, data cleansing and standardization, data matching and consolidation, data enhancement and presorting. Our premier customers include both large enterprises and midsize companies from across all industries in North America.