SAN DIEGO, CA - November 2, 2017 - Solimar Systems, Inc., a leading global provider of production printing and secure document delivery solutions, announced the release of SOLitrack™ 2.0, an integral component of Chemistry™, Solimar's award-winning solution platform for high volume print, mail and e-delivery. SOLitrack streamlines production workflows using a centralized platform for job tracking, reporting and visibility enabling clients to automate manual processes, increase postal savings and optimize print production. SOLitrack 2.0 introduces several new capabilities including:

Mobile Interface: SOLitrack 2.0 introduces a new web interface optimized for monitoring production activity from mobile devices. Internal and external users can monitor a job's production status as it moves through a workflow in a convenient, configurable and customizable web interface that:

  • Provides visibility into production workflows.
  • Identifies jobs needing attention for quick resolution.
  • Improves staff efficiency and client satisfaction.
  • Enables robust job tracking and status information across workflow touchpoints.

JDF/JMF Integration: SOLitrack 2.0 supports Job Description Format (JDF) and Job Messaging Format (JMF). JDF supports a broad range of networked computing, printing and finishing devices, enabling SOLitrack to provide JDF enabled devices with job attribute and processing information. The JDF functionality supports bi-directional communication with devices for information such as job submission, device capability, queue handling, event notifications and job status, and:

  • Provides real-time job and printer feedback.
  • Logs access and job processing information for reporting.
  • Eliminates printer and job status dead-zones.
  • Facilitates communication for non-IPDS printers to provide live bi-directional job status information for operational efficiencies and maximizing device capabilities.

Job Batching Module™: SOLitrack 2.0 enables a processing flow with Rubika® that allows print operations to combine jobs with similar characteristics, sort mailpieces, and optimize them for greater operational efficiency and cost savings. Jobs with matching attributes can be batched manually or automatically. The batching module provides significant workflow improvement potential for anyone with small or medium size jobs that could be combined for mailing or production processes.

  • Combine multiple jobs for operational efficiency and cost savings.
  • Automated batching based upon Service Level Agreement (SLA) and application attributes.
  • Track batches and jobs within batches.
  • Supports presorting, householding and digital commingling workflows to maximize postal discounts.

Offline Stations: SOLitrack 2.0 adds a new workflow integration point for tracking offline tasks. The offline station feature:

  • Enables users to register when offline tasks (like manual insertion, binding or palleting) are started and completed.
  • Provides an easy to use interface to log job progression of offline processes.
  • Supports operator remarks to document workflow-specific offline tasks and status.

"SOLitrack 2.0 allows our clients to easily access information about their production workflows and job status from anywhere via a mobile website. As the de facto standard for integrating devices within automated print factories, JDF support further helps our customers and partners maximize the potential of their printers," said Mary Ann Rowan, Solimar's Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. "SOLitrack's expanded functionality enables our clients to obtain the information they need quickly and seamlessly."

Learn more about SOLitrack 2.0 by watching a brief video on the Solimar Systems website [watch here].

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