LINCOLN, Neb., October 2, 2019 – AutoViri Software has been selected for recognition in the RED HOT Technology Vanguard Award program and earned the Vanguard Breakthrough Award. just one of seven entries to gain recognition in the 2019 Vanguard program.

Fritz Buglewicz, EVP of Business Development for CapStone Technologies, accepted the trophy and acknowledged this recognition in a special ceremony during the Association for Print Technologies’ membership and media event on October 2nd at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Technologies AutoViri Software, part of a comprehensive solution designed to make print-to-mail operations more efficient. The patented software is the only solution in the industry that connects the physical and digital workflows to give mailers virtual visibility into the entire mail production process.

Cloud-based AutoViri Software puts real-time information, such as job status and errors, in the hands of employees at every level in every department of a print-to-mail business. This information can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere, streamlining the work of production employees, management and leadership. The software can be used in any print-to-mail environment – automated, manual or anywhere in between.

“We are thankful to receive the Vanguard Breakthrough Award,” said Troy Power, of CapStone Technologies, “we know that AutoViri Software is a powerful new tool for mailers of any type or size, especially small and medium-sized mailers not accustomed to having access to this level of automation specifically to suit their operations and budget. This recognition reinforces AutoViri Software as an innovative tool that integrates the digital and physical workflows to boost productivity and deliver protection against preventable errors that result in costly assessments.”

Software is part of a full suite of solutions that automate and streamline print-to-mail operations, including robots for , , tagging, and palletizing. The robots are designed to automate various manual, repetitive tasks that are part of typical print-to-mail operations. Used separately or together, AutoViri Solutions help mailers of all sizes operate more efficiently and protect their USPS discount, increasing profitability.


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About CapStone Technologies, LLC

Technologies automation services and business engineering to the print-to-mail industry with state-of-the-art robotic technology, advanced innovation, and proven process engineering to create efficiencies and save labor. Its one-of-a-kind software solution connects the physical and digital workflows on the production floor to provide virtual visibility of performance while reducing errors to protect USPS discounts. For more information, visit the media center at