October 3, 2019 (Philadelphia) – GrayHair Software, the trusted partner and provider of mail tracking and data quality services to the largest enterprise mailers and mail service providers (MSPs) in the country, today announces the availability of its newest product, Pallet Monitor. Pallet Monitor is an enterprise mail tracking solution that provides a set of dashboards and reporting tools that leverages the USPS® Informed Visibility® container scan data. This provides clients with early visibility into the status of mailings and identifies issues across the entire mail delivery program as the mailpieces navigate through the USPS system.

Today, mailers are not able to gain visibility into the mail delivery process until the point at which the USPS starts scanning individual pieces. There are a number of processes and steps that occur prior to this point that can significantly slow or stall the delivery process. Problems that occur in these early container handling stages typically do not show up at all in the data and reporting. The only hint of problems is a lack of events, which is hard to recognize. Having data that identifies actual problems will not only trigger action but also identify the corrections that need to take place to get things back on track.

“With the amount of pallets IWCO ships across all four of our production plants, monitoring the USPS® Informed Visibility® data manually is a virtual impossibility,” said Bob Rosser, Director, Postal Affairs of IWCO Direct. “With GrayHair’s Pallet Monitor, we are now leveraging their processing power and advanced algorithms to identify pallets that are potentially at risk of missing their in-home window with a high degree of confidence. This allows our internal Logistics Team to focus their research and get mail back on track for our clients’ mail plan expectations.”

“Mail service providers want to ensure that the mail they produce arrives at the right facility at the right time,” said Tom McCaully, Chief Executive Officer of GrayHair Software. “GrayHair’s solution enables MSPs to discover when their pallet was unloaded at the wrong location, such as dropped in Chicago but was destined for Dallas, and to have access to this information quickly to take corrective actions and manage customer expectations proactively.”

With GrayHair’s enterprise solution, mailers and mail service providers are able to track mailings from the initial handoff of pieces, trays, or pallets to partners, to induction into the postal facilities, and then final delivery by the USPS. Clients will be alerted of issues earlier in the process when there is more time to react and make better business decisions to mitigate any found issues.

Benefits of Pallet Monitor include:

Have the time to act to mitigate and overcome issues that occur in the early stages of delivery

Ensure timeliness and accuracy of pallet deliveries

Ability to proactively communicate and problem solve with all players in the value chain

To learn more about Pallet Monitor and how it benefits enterprise mailers and mail service providers, contact GrayHair Software by visiting www.GrayHairSoftware.com and downloading our Product Sheet.

About Pallet Monitor

Pallet Monitor is a set of dashboards and reporting from GrayHair that will leverage the USPS® Informed Visibility® Container scan data to provide clients with earlier visibility into the status and issues in the delivery of mailing campaigns. Pallet Monitor includes an intuitive dashboard that allows users to see an overall summary of their mailings and drill down the mail delivery issues as they occur regardless of whether it is at the pallet, tray, or piece level. With Pallet Monitor, users can ensure the timeliness and accuracy of pallet deliveries. Pallet Monitor will enable clients to catch issues earlier in the process when there is more time to react and make business decisions to mitigate any found issues.

About GrayHair Software

GrayHair is the trusted partner and provider of mail tracking and address hygiene services to the largest mailers and mail service providers in the country. GrayHair solutions deliver insights and decision-ready business intelligence that enable its clients to define best mailing practices, enhance customer engagement, increase response rates, and decrease cost per acquisition. With GrayHair, mailers gain the guidance and confidence of 200+ years of collective postal experience and an ally with an understanding of the postal industry’s nuances. GrayHair is the advantage for marketing agencies, mail service providers, and mailers in the finance, insurance, retail, non-profit, and utilities industries. For more information, visit www.GrayHairSoftware.com.