Mike Porter

President, Print/Mail Consultants
June 30 2009
By Mike Porter, President, Print/Mail Consultants
June 2 2009
By Mike Porter, President of Print/Mail Consultants
June 19 2008
No one would disagree that managing your postage expense is important. Postage is probably one of the costliest line items in a mail center budget, and certainly one of the most visible. Because of coverage...
April 29 2008
Editor's Note: Mailing Systems Technology sat down for an interview with Dan G. Blair, Chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission to talk about his thoughts on the future of the Postal Service as well...
Feb. 8 2008
A Call to Action for the Mailing Industry on Communicating Best Practices and Expanding Environmental Stewardship Efforts By Paul Robbertz, Vice President, Environment, Health and Safety, Pitney Bowes...
Jan. 30 2008
Improve your inserting throughput with zero capital investment
Aug. 13 2007
Integrate your mail operations into corporate strategy By Mike Porter
April 20 2007
Mail Center managers know a lot of stuff. You are your company's expert on the best way to create, produce, and distribute all sorts of valuable information. Unfortunately in a lot of organizations the...
Jan. 29 2007
Training seminars provide skills for mail industry management
Aug. 10 2006
Vendors can be your keys to success