The Executive Mail Center Manager Program is a professional designation for individuals who wish to emphasize their professionalism in mail center management. The purpose of the program is to recognize professionalism, competence and excellence within the mailing industry and enhance credibility for the profession. The development process started about two years ago, when a group of mailers at the National Postal Forum began talking about the Mail Center Professional Certificate Program. The feedback received indicated this was a good beginning, but mailers wanted more. They felt that mail center professionals should have a recognized learning center where they could acquire and be recognized for their professional competencies. Out of this concept, a group of industry professionals participated in a working group to identify key competency areas. This was then validated by approximately 300 industry professionals, and the curriculum was developed.


The program is sponsored by the U.S. Postal Service and developed by a professional committee with representatives from the mailing industry. It is overseen by a control board of experts from the mailing industry and is a partnership with the Postal Service's National Center for Employee Development.


Program Delivery

The Postal Service's National Center for Employee Develop-ment has partnered with the mailing industry professionals to delivery the Executive Mail Center Manager Program. There are nine "body of knowledge" content areas identified that will be included in the program. They consist of:


1.         People management human relations

2.         Sales and marketing to internal and external customers

3.         Managing mail center operations

4.         Managing mail center safety and security

5.         Managing mail center finances

6.         Planning and managing technology

7.         Formulating and implementing plans and policy making (legal and government liaison)

8.         Resource planning policy making for mail service and procurement

9.         Quality total quality management.


People Management Human Relations, Career Development and Leadership

This body of knowledge includes managing and supervising employees; handling personnel-related issues; observing people and equipment; assisting staff; managing overtime; developing, overseeing and reviewing daily schedules, routines and workloads; disciplining your staff; assessing the staff's development needs and capabilities; writing job descriptions; recruiting and selecting staff; training and evaluating staff; recognizing contributions; acting on labor relations issues; influencing superiors, peers and subordinates; and developing career paths for yourself and others (professional development plans).


Sales and Marketing To Internal and External Customers

Included here is the ability to create services people want, meet customer expectations, address customer complaints, manage relations with the post office, design mailpieces and negotiate rates with other carriers.


Manage Mail Center Operations

A quality mail center must be able to establish routes, presort and pack mail, prepare outgoing mail, sort incoming and outgoing mail, address security issues in mail, track mail, manage internal mail, read and manage mystery mail, manage internal and external mailing lists and manage document storage.


Manage Mail Center Finances

In this body of knowledge, you will learn about preparing budgets, managing finances of all mail-processing systems, matching invoices with statements, consolidating bills (invoices, equipment, periodicals), managing chargebacks (budget codes) and reconciling inventory.


Mail Center Safety and Security

With mail security and safety being such a large concern, the program will now include a body of knowledge on mail center safety and security. It will include addressing security issues, hazardous materials, biological weapons, types of diseases, spread of diseases and treatment options, detection of suspected contamination and SOPs for cleaning contaminated equipment.


Plan and Manage Technology Tools, Equipment and Electronic Devices

This body of knowledge will focus on the following: ensuring the development and utilization of information systems, creating and managing Web and Internet pages and knowledge of special software (e.g., manifesting, presort, certified mail, voice activated, etc.).


The equipment you will need consists of barcode scanners, computers, fax machines, flat sorters, folder/inserter equipment, large print and production equipment, mail-management systems, mail mobiles, mailing machines, MERLIN, optical-character readers, postage meters, printers, robotics, scales, scanning equipment, strapping equipment, vendor online systems and X-ray machines.


Formulate and Implement Plan and Policy Mailing                                               

This is the area that deals with the government and the rules including demonstrating familiarity with postal regulations such as private express statutes, domestic mail manual, state-mandated laws, rules, legislation governing mail and internal mail manuals. This area will also track changes in laws, rules and regulations and being able to communicate to others in the organization these changes; interact with import/export and U.S. Customs officials; and acting in compliance with ADA hiring, firing, EEO, ergonomics and unions.


Resource Planning Policy Making for Mail Services and Procurement

This is the area that deals with the policies of a mail center including developing plans for the mail center; formulating and updating disaster contingency plans; analyzing mail volumes; preparing daily, weekly and monthly reports; and developing internal mail policies and procedures.


Quality Total Quality Management

This last body of knowledge includes components of the quality process, changing culture in the mail center, mail center processes, re-engineering, ongoing process improvement, benchmarking, getting it right the first time, quality review, team building, problem solving and communication.


The program will be launched for the first time in December and will be available nationally through the National Postal Forums and locally through PCCs and related industry groups. 


For more information on the Executive Mail Center Manager Program, contact the U.S. Postal Service at