You already know that the U.S. Postal Service offers a selection of distinctive packaging options included in the price of Priority Mail and Express Mail. But you may not know just how many options are offered to enhance the efficiency of your mailing operations and the visibility of your company and brand. The USPS' packaging program stands out, as it offers a broad range of choices to its customers. Packaging items include corrugated containers, Tyvek and paperboard envelopes and a range of pressure-sensitive labels and decals. For qualifying customers, options also include preprinted return addresses and co-branding. Because all of the packaging is preprinted to identify the type of service, it is easily identified in the mail stream. This results in optimal handling as the packages move through the processing operations.


Standard packaging items include an array of products available at no additional charge to customers simply by placing an order. Specialized Packaging, for shippers generating more than $50,000 annually in expedited services, offers a broader assortment of packaging options produced on demand. Customized Packaging, for shippers generating more than $500,000 annually in expedited services, offers packaging designed and produced to your company's exact specifications and can include co-branding. With Customized Packaging, your company can order their logos printed directly onto your Customized Packaging. Co-branding allows your company to meld your branding with other marketing strategies, including Direct Mail, the Internet and broadcast advertising. Customized Packaging also helps streamline your company's shipping operation and saves money. Customized Packaging with co-branding includes your company's two-color logo at no charge in U. S. Postal Service colors of red (PMS 485) or blue (PMS 294). There is a charge for additional colors.


By participating in the packaging supply program, your business avoids the costs associated with packaging purchases and enjoys the benefit of U. S. Postal Service assistance in inventory management. The Postal Service can help maintain expedited mail packaging inventory and can also arrange for the procurement and fulfillment of packaging, facilitating delivery to your business location on a prescheduled basis.


1-800-Pet-Meds is the largest pet pharmacy in the United States. And, it is one of the many companies that enjoy the benefits of customized packaging with co-branding. The company 1-800-Pet-Meds ships its medications, health and nutritional supplements to pet owners in Priority Mail boxes with the company's distinctive logo alongside that of the U.S. Postal Service. 1-800-Pet-Meds uses Priority Mail as the preferred delivery method to its customers nationwide. "1-800-Pet-Meds closely monitors on-time delivery performance," says Chief Financial Officer (CFO)Bruce Rosenbloom. "We have tested several carriers and believe that USPS Priority Mail provides the most reliable on-time delivery to our customers. And our customers have come to expect the familiar Priority Mail box with our logo. The co-branded boxes complement our company's marketing strategy of selling through television, catalogs and the Internet."


The newest addition to our packaging program is the Priority Mail Flat Rate Box, introduced on November 20, 2004. The Priority Mail Flat Rate Box comes in two shapes: 117/8-inches x 33/8-inches x 135/8-inches (ideal for garments, board games, books and other relatively thin items) and 11-inches x 81/2-inches x 51/2-inches (perfect for most shoes, model cars, dolls and taller items). The price is $7.70, regardless of the parcel's weight or destination. The new Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes are now available at most post offices and online at


Customers get the value of Priority Mail in two convenient shapes at one consistent price. This option is ideal for small businesses and consumers who do not want to perform weighing and rating calculations. But larger mailers are also finding that there are advantages to the convenience of a flat-rate solution. And businesses of any size can and use carrier pickup online notification at no additional charge to let their post offices know they have a package to be collected when their letter carrier delivers their mail the following day.


Shape, size, material, graphics if your New Year's resolution is more exercise start the year off right by exercising your packaging options.


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