Document Operations Managers: Do you have operational problems that you just can't seem to get solved? Do you crave some seemingly-minor adjustments that would make life simpler, but don't have the power to make it happen? Most shops we visit could improve productivity and reduce errors if their documents matched up better with their workflow.

We recommend that clients take a look at the document re-engineering products that are available from numerous vendors. This software can alter or enhance the printed output without modifying the custom print programs that created the original documents.

Here are just a few cost-saving or productivity-improving ideas that could be easily implemented with the use of document re-engineering software:

Envelope Consolidation
Reduce the number of different outbound window envelopes used in your shop by standardizing the physical location of the address blocks on the documents. If more jobs use the same outbound envelopes you lessen the chance of loading the wrong one, and shorten the set-up time between inserting jobs. As a bonus, the number of folding-plate adjustments also becomes less frequent.

Combine Jobs
Closely associated with envelope consolidation is the benefit of combining several small jobs into one large run. If the outbound envelope is the same and the folds are consistent, document re-engineering software can merge the print from separate jobs into a single run, which greatly reduces the set-up and reconciliation time devoted to each inserting job.

Reduce Page-Counts
Reformat the print by slightly reducing font size, narrowing margins, or altering line-spacing to trim statement page counts. The software can also be used to suppress accounts with no activity or zero balances if this is allowed. Fewer pages printed and inserted improves throughput and reduces cost.

Combine Mailings
Changes in postal rates create an opportunity to produce envelopes containing more pages without paying for additional postage. The one-ounce rate is being eliminated for automated presort mail, so all pieces weighing less than two ounces can be mailed at the same rate. Document re-engineering software can combine separate print streams, sort into account number sequence, change the inserter control marks, and modify page numbering so that the formerly separate documents can be mailed in the same envelope.

Change from Inserts to Onserts
White space analysis features in some re-engineering software can be used to eliminate the costs associated with printing and inventorying inserts. This also improves inserting productivity by eliminating the need to refill insert stations. Quality improvements are an additional benefit as onserts eliminate the possibility of loading the wrong inserts into the mail inserting machine at production time.

Add Mail Piece Tracking/Quality Control
Add barcoded or OCR sequence numbers to the documents and create batch control balance pages. You can even create an electronic file used to drive an automated document factory system or file-based inserting.

Identify Production Exceptions
Find and separate high-value checks that require manual signatures, separate high page-count statements that need to be processed as flats or mailed in boxes (and generate cover pages for different envelope window placement or shipping labels), separate premium accounts that get processed on color printers or with different paper stock, etc.

There are usually many improvements that printing and mailing managers would like to make to the jobs they run. Document re-engineering software can help them to achieve those improvements at a reasonable cost and a manageable timeline.

Mike Porter is President of Print/Mail Consultants - an independent consulting firm that helps companies evaluate and improve their document workflows. Get more useful tips by subscribing to the "Practical Stuff" newsletter at