The Mailing Systems Technology Conference is scheduled for October 5-7 this year in Chicago, at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare. We're extremely excited about this year's show-not only is it jam-packed with educational benefits for mail center managers, but, as always, it's co-located with PARCEL Forum and the Document Strategy Forum, which means you have access to exhibit halls and networking receptions that allow you discuss the latest industry happenings with your peers.

This year, our main focus is on software; after all, software is the heart of the modern mail center. Whether it's scheduling, production monitoring, data entry, data control, address quality, postal regulation compliance, address creation, address imprint, barcodes, IMb, mail presentation, postage, revenue monitoring, whatever - it's all about the software. If you are not taking full advantage of all software has to offer you are not servicing the organization you represent effectively.

However, it takes a lot of expertise to effectively use modern mail center software to its full potential. In many (most) mail centers there just isn't enough trained data staff to utilize the full potential of these amazing products.

At Mailing Systems Technology, it is our job to provide the education tools to enable you to effectively serve your organization. One of the most effective methods (the most effective in my opinion) of education is face-to-face. So, we've put together one great face-to-face two-day educational opportunity to take full advantage of mail industry software - all software. If it's mail industry-related software, this workshop will cover it.

We'll devote the first day to "all things IMb" - a workshop designed to provide you with everything you need to decide on your IMb future - whether to implement, at what level, the advantages (and disadvantages) of these various levels, a step by step implementation guide, how to work with the USPS during implementation, case studies of actual implementations and much more. You'll leave this day KNOWING IMb.

The second day will include an "all things software" workshop. A workshop covering all functions and uses of the vast array of mail industry software. What you need, how to purchase compatible products, how and when to upgrade, dealing with customer's software compatibility, all the issues data manipulation entails. From the standard mail preparation and presentation products through software compatibility, production, scheduling, address quality, demographics, management, revenue compliance, revenue assurance and more. If it mail industry software, day two will cover it.

We'll also provide a purchasing preparation and justification workshop as part of the conference. In tight economic times it is critical that you know what you need and are able to show the value of your operation and need to ensure its future. This workshop will provide the whys, hows and benefits of staying abreast in tight times.

All in all, this is not only a workshop you should attend, it one you must attend to remain competitive.

Visit for more information. We look forward to seeing you in Chicago this October!