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The Pinnacle inserting system is a pneumatic gripper-arm machine with an intelligent control system. It is designed to serve the direct mail market. The system is based on technology that has proven to be of lasting value over the past seven decades. Because gripper-arm technology is both durable and flexible, it is widely used by mailers who want to implement long-lasting solutions. In fact, it's common for BBH gripper-arm systems to run 20 years and longer.

BBH has enhanced these dependable systems with new technology that enables increased machine performance and efficiency. We call it SMART SET. We've also enabled the system to add processing intelligence to standard mail production.

What is SMART SET Technology?

SMART SET Technology stands for System Matched Auto-adjust Response Technology for System Efficiency Timing. This feature enables the inserter to dynamically change machine timing based on the machine's cycling speed. This maximizes efficiency by eliminating the need to stop and make mechanical adjustments to accommodate the change in speed.

When the machine runs at high speed, the gripper arm must drop an insert into the raceway earlier than it does when running at lower speeds. Without SMART SET, operators need to mechanically adjust the drop timing for each insert station. With SMART SET this change is completed by the machine dynamically as machine speed increases or decreases.

How is this technology different from others in the market?

The Pinnacle system is different from other standard inserters because it provides Standard mailers the ability to enhance productivity.

An integrated control system allows for intelligent inserting with backup insert selections and envelope Zip marking. The in-line diverter separates questionable' mail from good' mail without interrupting production.

The control system provides job reports and machine statistics that can be used to answer and manage production questions such as production efficiency, or operator performance, total envelope production, machine efficiency, etc. Additionally, the Pinnacle system's diagnostics menu allows the operator to exercise' the machine to reduce troubleshooting. This means that they can cycle the machine components to ensure that they are in proper working order.

What options are available?

The Pinnacle inserter is configurable as a standard 6-station base or as a system integrated with a cut-sheet feeder, called the Pinnacle VIP system. The Pinnacle VIP enables users to assemble and fold variable set sizes in-line to the base machine.

The sheet feeder can be upgraded after the base is in production for applications requiring page collation and folding. This enables users to accommodate jobs beyond Standard mail as applications change, such as going from insert-only jobs to variable page jobs. Often the inserts are assembled and folded off line then presented to the inserter. The sheet feeder can be integrated to the Pinnacle system which eliminates a processing step.

The Pinnacle and Pinnacle VIP system are offered as new machines, certified machines, or as a customer core exchange. Each option is explained below.

A new Pinnacle is built with all new assemblies and components, completes a factory acceptance test and shipped direct to the customer.
A certified Pinnacle inserter is built in our ISO 9001:2008-certified facility. The team completes a 150-point inspection on a pre-owned base machine, replaces all worn components and installs the unique Pinnacle kit parts. The machine is factory tested prior to shipping and is supported with a 90-day labor and 90-day parts warranty.

A core exchange enables customers to send their existing base to the factory for certification as described above.
Read and print options can be easily added using our JETVision reading solutions and Printegrity print technologies. This enable users the ability to add communication messages specific to their customers, and can include color to increase customer awareness and open rates.

What distinguishes BÖWE BELL + HOWELL for this type of inserter?

Unlike other manufacturers, we've invested in continued advancements to our gripper-arm technology. Modifications have delivered improved material control and handling, resolved material capacity issues, and increased efficiency and mailpiece integrity.

Each machine is built, or in the case of a certified or core exchange, rebuilt, and tested in our ISO certified facility. This process ensures that quality is built into the product rather than tested into the product. The ISO facility also provides for a continuous improvement program that manages unexpected issues and controls changes.

Customers have a great option in a new or certified rebuilt Pinnacle systems, and know they can have confidence in their decision thanks to the quality put in to the machine, and the service that supports them after the sale. 

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