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When we asked for your opinions, our readers certainly weren't shy
about giving them, and for that, we thank you! Your candid responses
gave us a great view of what is happening in the mailing industry, and
how those happenings are viewed by those who work with the mail
day in and day out. Yes, some responses are depressing, like those
pertaining to the USPS's financial problems or how the economy is
affecting purchases for the mail center. But there are some bright
spots, too - like how an entire two-thirds of our respondents said
that declining mail volumes are either nowhere near as dire as the
media makes it out to be, or their volumes haven't declined at all.
That's what we in the mailing industry like to hear!

I hope you enjoy part two of our annual survey. If you'd like to comment
on anything reported here, please email me at
or leave a comment in the comment section below!.