Digital Mail continues to have an impact on the Digital Versus Paper debate. Yes, Digital Mailboxes are struggling with several closing up shops, but the migration to digital continues in the form of ePresentment via the company hosted web portal. Most providers of statements, EOBs and other transactional documents are aggressively moving to get their customers to "turn off" print and mail.

Most mailers look at the adaption of digital as a savings, and it generally is, over the cost of paper, postage, technology and labor for print/mail operations.

But what happens to your mailing density when your print/mail volumes drop within a job? Many companies are looking at combining jobs to increase job size and mailing density. That sometimes comes with a major undertaking for IT. But it doesn't have to be so. With today's technology, you can intercept various print streams, combine them and administer your postal discounting software providing for extended density and postage savings. The software on the market is powerful enough to handle the large files and then split them to manageable sizes for print and / or inserting. Add a powerful modular based Automated Document Factory, and you can track every piece at the pre-merge, merge, split and processing levels. I like to call it "mining for gold in you print-streams".

David Day, EDP, Product Marketing Manager for Crawford Technologies, Inc., brings over 32 years of experience in the document management & mail industry. As an active member of Xplor for over 17 years, David frequently presents at local and global Xplor meetings. He has also been a guest speaker at various company user and industry groups including National Postal Forum, Graph Expo and Mailcom. David, Product Marketing Manager at CrawfordTech, is responsible for worldwide for their Enterprise Output Management Products. He works with customers, prospects, sales and product development to identify customer requirements, evaluate solutions and make product recommendations.