Cincinnati, Ohio, USA – January, 2016 – Collins Inkjet Corporation announces that it will be making a presentation on Electron Beam (EB) Inkjet Inks: The Future of Energy Curable Inkjet Inks, at IMI’s Ink Jet Printing 2016 Conference. The conference, being held at the Red Lion Hotel Anaheim in Anaheim, California, runs from February 3-5, 2016 and is sponsored by Information Management Institute (IMI).

According to Kristin Adams, Marketing Manager for Collins, “Electron Beam (EB) or “ebeam” curing inkjet inks are Collins’ newest area of energy curable ink development. EB curing occurs by a similar polymerization process as UV and LED curing inks, but without the requirement of photo initiators. Collins embarked on this project after seeing that the prices of ebeam and footprint size of EB curing units were approaching those of high-end LED UV curing units.

At Collins, we believe that the future of energy curable inkjet is electron beam (EB) and we're pioneering the work needed to bring it to market. Without photo initiators, the inks are safer, less costly, more stable, more reliable, and nearly odorless. The EB process also offers a more complete cure than UV/LED and does so without generating as much heat as other curing technologies. This opens the door for printing on very thin films and foils. Ebeam should also offer advantages for companies wanting to print low migration labels and packaging for food applications.”

Collins will be addressing the following major topics:

· Overview: Inkjet Inks for Nonporous & Semi Porous Substrates

- Water Based Inks Now & in the Future

- Solvent Inks

- UV Inks

- Electron Beam

· Why Electron Beam?

- Streamlined Ink Formulation

- Lack of Heat Generated during Curing

- Low Migration

- & More!

· Development System & Approach

· Trends, Drivers, Economics & Challenges

· Consumer Products & Packaged Goods Applications

· Display of EB Printed Inkjet Samples

”We are pleased to have Collins Inkjet’s participation at this year’s conference’ stated Al Keene, President of IMI, ‘as they are leaders in developing successful ink jet solutions and advancing ink jet technology. We are very excited to learn about Collins’ efforts in developing EB ink jet ink solutions. EB inkjet’s future is bright as expressed by Industry Analyst Richard Romano in his October 2015 PrintPlanet article, Electron-Beam Inks: A Versatile Alternative to UV? ‘we wouldn’t expect that EB will replace UV. But for those applications, such as food, pharmaceutical, and thin-film packaging, where UV is not ideal or suitable, inkjet EB ink could give users the benefits that energy-curing inks can provide, as well as the benefits of digital printing in general’.”

About Collins Inkjet Corporation

Collins Inkjet has over 26 years experience creating innovative solutions for industrial inkjet customers and OEMs. Collins is a vertically integrated high-volume manufacturer of water, solvent, UV curable and is at the forefront of EB curable inkjet development. More recently, Collins expanded its offerings to include printheads, printhead refurbishment, and printer development.

Collins takes a straightforward approach to its business. It pursues mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with its OEM partners, distributors, and customers by continuing to invest in R&D and focus on providing unmatched customer service. Collins remains focused on helping customers and OEMs create new market opportunities and expand the reach of high-speed inkjet printing. To learn more, visit

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