ROCHESTER, NY – November 15, 2016: Today, Eclipse Corporation and BCC Software announce a business partnership, providing additional value to customers of both products.

Eclipse Corporation is a leading provider of enterprise document design, presentation, generation, automation and customer communication management software. When integrated together, BCC Software and Eclipse Corporation’s products create a seamless document creation-to-mail process.

“This important partnership shows yet another way to streamline the direct communication workflow by integrating technology assets,” said Chris Lien, President of BCC Software. “BCC Software and Eclipse represent over 50 years of combined experience in the print and mail industry. That depth of knowledge provides our customers an unmatched know-how when it comes to managing enterprise name and address data used for producing and mailing documents.”

Eclipse Corporation’s software was built from the ground up by the core team that developed Adobe Central, JetForm, FormsPlus/400, PDF Wizard and R-Forms. “Eclipse provides enterprise class document, form and label software for education, finance, government, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and telcos. Our clients need to generate electronic and paper documents. When it comes to mailing, combining our technology with BCC Software makes sense for all of our customers.” said Steve Luke, CEO of Eclipse Corporation. “The combined solution provides our clients the maximum savings on postage and allows them to print in-house or send print ready files to any print service provider.”

BCC Software is paving the way in the postal presort industry for award winning and best-in-class software that works seamlessly with like-minded partner technology and hardware. Launched in June, the Integratec API Platform is the only available PAVE certified API using the secure messaging layer, ZeroMQ™ with the CurveZMQ protocol. This enables Integratec to pass even the most stringent security requirements for mailers in industries like healthcare and finance.

About Eclipse

Eclipse Corporation is a provider of enterprise document generation solutions for banking, insurance, government, manufacturing and telco applications. For more than 20 years, the company has developed innovative solutions that incorporate electronic forms, workflow automation, and enterprise content management to bring about real operational savings, workflow efficiencies and marketplace advantages. Companies like AT&T, Eaton, GE, GE Healthcare, Konica Minolta, McKesson Medical-Surgical, Mele Printing, Security Finance Corporation, TransMontaigne, WORLDPAC, and hundreds more trust Eclipse for solutions and support.

About BCC Software

Based in Rochester, NY, BCC Software creates innovative postal software solutions and provides extensive data marketing services. The company was founded in 1978 and employs approximately 85 people. More information on BCC Software can be found at or by calling 800-624-5234.

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