Rochester, N.Y. – March 20, 2017: BCC Software is pleased to announce a special edition of its monthly webcast, Lien In, on April 4, 2017, focused on the Informed Visibility® initiative featuring Stephen Dearing, Director of Corporate Reporting, for the United States Postal Service®. Dearing will join host, president of BCC Software, Chris Lien for a live, hour-long educational session, helping attendees understand Informed Visibility’s impact on the print and mail industry. Click to register for the webcast.

“Steve Dearing has been on the forefront of Informed Visibility, and is an utmost authority of the current testing and future roll-out,” said Lien. “Informed Visibility is important for modern mailing service providers to understand and Steve will provide tremendous insights. BCC Software is honored to have him join the Lien In webcast and share with our audience.”

Dearing is a 30-plus year veteran of the USPS®. His work focuses on new approaches to leverage technology and data to create business intelligence to enhance service performance measurement and diagnostics for letters, flats, and packages; improve understanding and performance in postal operations, provide innovative products and services to customers, and increase the understanding of postal costs, product use and resource use. He also manages the key information systems supporting letters, flats, and packages as well as barcoding and other identification standards that support visibility initiatives.

Informed Visibility is for commercial mailers who are tracking barcoded letters, flats, bundles, handling units, and containers. According to the USPS, Informed Visibility offers the following advantages:

· Event-driven internal measurement of all mail

· Real-time service performance diagnostics

· Predictive workloads and mail inventory management of mail and packages

Read more at the Informed Visibility PostalPro™ webpage.

Lien In brings hundreds of professionals in the print and mail industry together for a monthly educational webcast. Launched in January 2017, these free broadcasts have covered topics ranging from the Mailer Scorecard to staffing in the current era of direct communications. Click here to register for this special edition of Lien In.

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