Westford, MA. October 17, 2017. – Ironsides Technology, a leading provider of automated production tracking software for the printing, mailing, fulfillment, and packaging industries, announced that Nashville-based LetterLogic has implemented Ironsides APT™ (Automated Production Tracking) software. As a leading multi-channel patient payment provider for more than 2,000 healthcare organizations, LetterLogic designs, fulfills, and delivers patient-friendly healthcare statements around the country. Incorporating Ironsides APT has allowed LetterLogic to eliminate any inserter errors which is especially critical when handling patient health information (PHI).

“We handle patient communications, including payment information, for our healthcare customers and accuracy and data security are critical,” said Elizabeth Geist, President, LetterLogic. “We needed an automated solution to validate that the right document was in the right envelope and that we were not wasting resources or time. With Ironsides APT, we can track down to the page level and eliminate any risk of data exposure. We now have zero problems with double stuffing, damaged mail pieces or envelopes or other insert errors – even on our non-automated inserters.”

Ironsides APT software is designed to help printers and document processing companies such as LetterLogic meet strict customer and regulatory requirements. It provides a central dashboard for real-time data ensuring that each job meets customer SLAs and is produced efficiently and on time. Using the Ironsides APT Control and Command dashboard, LetterLogic can track activity down to the piece level and immediately catch and correct any errors that might occur. The system also allows LetterLogic to track performance over time.

The company selected Ironsides APT for its robust functionality, flexibility and strong reputation for post sales service and support. Ironsides APT’s open architecture provides LetterLogic the flexibility to use existing inserters, workflows and allows greater choices with ancillary equipment such as cameras. As LetterLogic looks to add new inserters or replace aging equipment, Ironsides APT can be easily extended to new devices, making it highly scalable to grow with LetterLogic.

“Ironsides truly looks out for its customers and their support team has been exceptional in responding to any requests,” continued Geist. “We needed a partner who understood what we were doing and would adapt to our growth. Ironsides has done just that. We are now able to better manage our risk, as well as improve management of our materials significantly reducing much of the untracked waste we were experiencing.”

“Ironsides commitment to our customers is the reason why so many trust us to deliver automated production tracking solutions that streamline business processes, reduce costs, improve margins and manage risk more effectively,” said Bill Riley, President of Ironsides Technology. “With Ironsides APT, LetterLogic is able to provide piece level integrity for every job so that their customers can feel confident that any printed communications are assembled correctly, accounted for and are fully compliant with all major healthcare rules and regulations.”

For more information about LetterLogic’s implementation of Ironsides APT, download the case study or visit www.IronsidesTech.com.

About LetterLogic

LetterLogic is a premium lettershop services provider meeting the multi-channel communications, patient connections and payment solutions needs of healthcare systems and RCMs nationwide. Specializing in printing and mailing of statements, the company offers address correction and updated services that deliver the highest mail list accuracy and proactively handles returned mail. To learn more visit http://www.letterlogic.com.

About Ironsides Technology

Ironsides Technology is a software development and integration company, providing workflow automation and enterprise-wide integrity tracking solutions supporting all production devices and processes. Ironsides Automated Production Tracking (APT) is designed to automate manual and recurring operational processes. Based on an open and scalable architecture, Ironsides APT provides real time end-to-end job and piece level tracking, visibility and accountability through all production steps to ensure 100% distribution, SLA compliance, reprint automation, and robust operational reporting to help inkjet, continuous-feed and cut sheet printing customers better manage their businesses.

Ironsides Technology easily integrates with web inspection systems and post print in line and off line bindery devices. Ironsides Technology also supports appropriate camera technology and tracking solutions in the finishing and insertion environment. The end result is a best-of-breed automated document factory (ADF) tracking strategy to ensure personalized client packages are processed efficiently and with the highest level of accuracy and compliance.

For additional information please call us at 1 (978) 589-8299 or email Info@ironsidestech.com