A new law just came into force in the Netherlands, and it outlaws leaflets and flyers not sent directly to people at specified addresses. The same sort of law is already in force in the US, and it will probably start being applied soon all over northern Europe. It is expected to shake up the balance in the door-to-door advertising sector. We at the Sitma Company have been world leaders in printed media, packaging and distribution systems since 1965. How we address door-to-door advertising and our portfolio of solutions are absolutely in line with current legal systems all over the world.

Door-to-door: We know how to get there first.

If a customer needs leaflets, flyers, or catalogs, Sitma can provide them with a full range of automatic services to prepare and package all their materials. The product is then prepared, to be sent to supply centers or post offices for final shipment. Here, as in all the sectors where we work, we take the greatest possible care with consumer trends and changes to laws and standards. This way we can see and understand what people are going to want and how laws are likely to change and affect tomorrow’s customers. We can also advise customers on the best way to send out direct mail. Sitma can advise you about the latest systems for mail shots where labeling is required by law. We have the latest technology for printing labels so that sending out flyers, leaflets and catalogs is done in the most rapid and cost-effective way. When legal changes come into force, Sitma can help you update or upgrade your current labeling and printing systems as simply and as economically as possible.

Direct Mail and TransPromo with Sitma: highly automated made-to-measure solutions.

This leads us to one of the main planks in Sitma strategy, flexibility. This allows us to find the best solution possible, whatever sector, size, and type of product needs to be prepared. As well as label printing, our Italian headquarters can also provide different ways of feeding different product sizes and categories into specially designed production lines. These can be anything from in-line rotary systems to the most up-to-date pick and place machinery, via friction feeders and on to shuttle feeders with a top speed of anything up to 20,000 items per hour. It all depends on the type of product involved and the number of machines you want to install. A standard module is usually mode up of three feed units, with up to fourteen modules, giving a total of over 40 feeders. Sitma lines are also appreciated for their excellent level of automation, which means optimal process control and management. Using special control and viewing systems, product flow can be checked all the time, any time. Special supplements can be inserted and packaging quality checked. At Sitma we have also developed Optima, an optimization system, to raise output even further and to shorten the time for changing process settings. Everything can be done in strict accordance by the IT system. Sitma lines are extremely ergonomic, and guarantee precise feedback. This means ease of access and immediate control for system operators.

Our years and years of experience in the Door Drops sector was recently brought to the fore again, when specialist Product Manager Sanne Buitenweg joined our Company.

With his global vision of the market and his creative approach, Sanne Buitenweg is now giving concrete help to us at Sitma and together we are developing up-to-date solutions so we can better understand and anticipate the needs of our customers.

Sanne Buitenweg knows all there is to know about customer developments, after twenty years at one of our main partners, Dutch Company Spotta, a subsidiary of PostNL.

Sanne Buitenweg says, “We are witnessing a cultural revolution in the Dutch market. Customers are deciding which flyers and advertising material they want, if any, and are opting in to the system. This law is nothing new,” adds Sanne. “Customers want complete control over everything they receive, and this is unbelievable benefit for us in the door-to-door advertising industry. When they opt in and tell us about their preferences, they become an even more specific market. Shops can reach them even more easily! The main marketing companies can maximize their efforts, and online and offline advertising can be perfectly integrated. At Sitma we are ready to take this giant step towards the future. We have years and years of experience in selective feed solutions. With all our experience in other pillars we can offer alternative feed systems and allow our customers maximum flexibility in customizing their flyer packages by individual address and by individual user.”

SITMA: Facts and Figures

Sitma, established in 1965, is the world leader in printed media, packaging and distribution systems with over 8,000 systems installed worldwide. Active in over 70 countries, our corporate offices and factory are located in Spilamberto (Modena) in northern Italy.

The company began business manufacturing equipment for the packaging industry. Since that time Sitma has expanded and specialized in the graphic arts industry achieving leadership in this business segment by supplying high quality systems dedicated to the newspaper, magazine, book and direct mail / fulfilment industries.

Constant growth enabled Sitma to reach a leading role in the domestic market. Gradually, the know-how was exported through out Europe and to the other continents.

Three subsidiary companies in France, U.S. and Japan and a network of 70 agents worldwide ensure an export share of 70%.