Danbury, Conn -- BlueCrest, an industry-leading global technology provider and supplier of a comprehensive line of enterprise software, printers, inserters, sorters, and parcel solutions, has today announced the launch of a premier inserting solution for direct mailers: The Epic Direct Mail. BlueCrest will unveil the new offering today at Print 19 in Chicago, Illinois, where the Epic Direct Mail has won the “RED HOT” groundbreaking technology award in the Imprinting, Mailing, Shipping & Fulfillment category.

“The Epic Direct Mail naturally expands on the vision we always had,” said Eddy Edel, Vice President of Product Management. “Originally, the Epic was designed to enter the Direct Mail market, knowing we would have to develop features that are not typical in the transactional market, such as new feeders. We had to make sure we got the foundation correct and we wanted to deploy several systems in the field to train our service teams how to effectively support the equipment. With this release, we now have a solution that meets the demands of both the transactional and direct mail worlds—two worlds that are increasingly merging. People expect more out of their inserters, and we believe the Epic Direct Mail meets the needs of a changing market.”

Built on the proven platform of the industry-leading Epic, BlueCrest’s multi-format solution offers some of the highest net good pieces-per-hour in the industry, and can process a wide range of applications, with unprecedented material tolerance at speeds up to 24,000 cycles-per-hour. This solution was built with ease-of-use in mind and requires no dedicated set-up technicians. It also features full, automated changeover, allowing clients to switch between envelope formats in less than two minutes, as well as job recall, which makes moving from one job to the next easy and predictable.

Additionally, the Epic Direct Mail boasts precision material control. Thanks to a reduced spoilage rate due to real-time paper path corrections, users can lower the material costs and labor expenses normally associated with the make-good process on out-sorted mail.

The Epic Direct Mail comes read- and print-ready and offers the largest range of feeding technology to handle even the most challenging applications and SLAs. The new solution will offer real-time, integrated, end-to-end tracking so that clients can accurately and easily account for all pieces in every job. They will be able to quickly identify problems using the on-board diagnostics, thus reducing down-time and increasing productivity. By designing the Epic Direct Mail for self-serviceability, BlueCrest can offer a wide range of support services, giving additional options to the client. The modular design further allows clients to grow and easily scale the system to meet future jobs to keep pace with fast and growing market trends.

To learn more about the Epic Direct Mail, please visit our web site.

About BlueCrest

BlueCrest, formerly the Document Messaging Technologies (DMT) division of Pitney Bowes, is an independent technology company with a long tradition of global leadership in enterprise print, mail and customer communications. With a comprehensive line of printers, inserters, sorters and parcel solutions—and a renewed commitment to providing innovating software—BlueCrest serves clients around the world. For more information visit www.bluecrestinc.com.