January 6, 2021, Colleyville, TXMadison Advisors—Madison Advisors today announced the general availability of its newest research report, “Post Composition Solutions Market Study.” Madison Advisors views post composition as a cost-effective solution to assist organizations in normalizing disparate composition programs and legacy data streams to allow for reliable delivery and enhancement of client communications across omni-channel distribution channels. The study focuses on the nine integral components that make up a post composition solution, the capabilities of this software and where post composition fits in an overall customer communications management (CCM) strategy.

Post composition software was once considered a tool to “fix” applications prior to print production. However, today it has evolved into a multifaceted solution with rich capabilities for enhancing and managing customer communications. The research explores the fundamental advantages that post composition solutions offer organizations when it comes to providing the support needed to move from CCM to more sophisticated strategies that result in customer experience management (CXM).

As part of the study, Madison Advisors conducted in-depth interviews with six companies that include post composition software as part of their portfolios of offerings. The study covers each company’s value proposition where post composition solutions are concerned, the differentiators and pricing of each participant’s solution, and how each provider continues to advance its technology to meet changes in the marketplace.

“Even if some of the functionality of a post composition solution overlaps that of the core document composition solution(s), the cost benefit of considering post composition to address rapidly changing customer expectations more easily is worthy of serious consideration,” said Keith Woedy, vice president of research and practice lead, Madison Advisors. ”We believe that, to stay competitive, companies need to take a hard look at including post composition into the workflow to support the ability to deliver highly personalized, efficient, cost-effective customer communications.”

To purchase the full report, “Post Composition Solutions Market Study,” click here.

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