January 27, 2016, Toronto, Ontario – In response to a wave of attacks making media headlines by hackers infiltrating sensitive customer information, Crawford Technologies has released a new digital signature solution designed specifically for customer communications. This solution is primarily designed for the financial services, healthcare, insurance and banking industries as well as governments at all levels.

    This new software solution called ‘Signed PDF’, applies a digital signature to documents to provide an additional layer of protection beyond PDF passwords, giving documents additional security and preventing tampering of important documents such as statements, certificates, policies, trade confirmations and tax receipts.

    “Organizations are facing an onslaught of attacks trying to get at confidential information. Customers want to do business with companies that take proper precautions to protect their personal information,” said Ernie Crawford, CEO of Crawford Technologies.

    “Signed PDF is a prudent way to provide customers with the assurance of tamper-proof electronic documents so people can be confident of the source of the documents and the reliability of the information in them.”

    The Signed PDF component makes it easy for organizations to take the proper precautions to protect their customers’ personal information with an additional layer of security beyond PDF passwords. It automatically embeds digital signatures to prove document authenticity by confirming that PDF contents have not been modified in any way. It utilizes industry-standard digital certificates and standard Adobe security features to provide best in-class protection ensuring that PDFs have not been tampered with protecting users from fraud.

    Available immediately, Signed PDF is compatible with enterprise content management and archive systems including IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD), IBM Filenet, EMC Documentum, EMC InfoArchive, Alfresco and Oracle WebCenter.

    For more information about ‘Signed PDF', go to http://www2.crawfordtech.com/e/7102/products-signed-pdfs/4c37n8/551379593

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